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Hose, Ladder, Nozzle Testing, Fire Dept

National Hose Testing Specialties, Inc. provides thorough testing and reporting for  those requiring NFPA 1962 & 1932 or OSHA compliance in Hose Testing and Ground Ladder Testing. Hose testing is an NFPA requirement for fire departments. Many departments often receive minimal  education or training in these areas. Hose Testing and Ground Ladder Testing is labor intensive, time consuming and potentially dangerous.  We have developed and field-tested equipment that test fire hose safely and efficiently. We have custom software that was created to provide complete and accurate test result documentation. We are the leaders in providing Hose Testing and Ground Ladder Testing.

Considering the Cost

In a business such as Emergency Response, you are always evaluating risk vs. benefit. The same can be said for outsourcing Fire Hose and Ground Ladder Testing. What is the cost vs. benefit? Take the time to talk with a member of our staff about this. We can show you the numerous benefits as well as assisting you in determining the actual cost involved in testing in house.

The cost of our service is based on a rate-per-foot fee. This rate is determined by the amount of hose tested with discounts available for larger quantities. Our staff is available to provide you with information packets and cost proposals at no charge.

Give us a call at 877-873-6487 with your hose and ladder quantities and our sales staff will be happy to provide you with a free quote. Or, you can click on "Need a Quote" at anytime and contact the appropriate division.

Bundled Services

Consider the advantages of testing both your fire hose and ground ladders together. Reducing out-of- service time is always a goal of fire departments. NHTS, Inc. can test both fire hose and ground ladders at the same time. Your engine will only be out of service once with very little additional time needed to do both without having two separate schedules. In addition, NHTS, Inc. will also reduce the rate per foot for Ground Ladder Testing when both are done together. Evaluate the time savings that completing ground ladder and hose testing together can provide for your department. Call us and ask about the positive response we are seeing from fire departments who have chosen to implement this program.

Hose, Ladder, Nozzle Testing, Fire Dept
Hose, Ladder, Nozzle Testing, Fire Dept
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