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Hose, Ladder, Nozzle Testing, Fire Dept

Testing of this nature requires unique, specialized equipment not commonly found in most mechanic's shop. NTHS has the right tools and the qualified personnel to perform these types of non-destructive tests.


Our annual service includes:


  • Horizontal Bending Test

  • Roof Hook Test

  • Extension Ladder Hardware Test

  • Visual Inspections

  • Heat Sensor Inspection
    (and replacement if needed)

  • Test Documentation


Horizontal Bending Test, Roof Hook Test, and Ext. Ladder Hardware Test

NHTS has designed and built equipment that meets NFPA 1932 standards.
Our equipment properly loads the ladders to preform the non-destructive testing. NHTS uses certified and calibrated test equipment as required by  NFPA.

Heat Sensor Inspection 

Per NFPA 1932  a total of 4 heat sensors are required per each fly.
Each heat sensor is required to have an expiration date which is usually good for 4-5 years. NHTS will replace heat sensors as needed. 

Test Documentation

Following the test, we will provide your department with documentation on each ladder tested. Our documentation will be in accordance with the NFPA 1932 Standard requirements and will be delivered within 30 days of the test. 

These evaluations are required to be performed annually per NFPA 1932.

The Benefits of Hiring NHTS:

  • Qualified Personnel

  • Proper Testing Equipment

  • Reduced Liability

  • Third-party Testing

  • Test Result Documentation

  • Quality, Safe Workmanship

  • Bundled Service Advantage

Bundled Services

Consider the advantages of testing both your fire hose and ground ladders together. Reducing out-of- service time is always a goal of fire departments. NHTS, Inc. can test both fire hose and ground ladders at the same time. Your engine will only be out of service once with very little additional time needed to do both without having two separate schedules. In addition, NHTS, Inc. will also reduce the rate per foot for Ground Ladder Testing when both are done together. Evaluate the time savings that completing ground ladder and hose testing together can provide for your department. Call us and ask about the positive response we are seeing from fire departments who have chosen to implement this program.

Hose, Ladder, Nozzle Testing, Fire Dept


Does the Fire Department need to help NHTS, Inc. with testing?

No, NHTS, Inc. provides the personnel and equipment to complete the testing.

Can NHTS, Inc. test hose and ladders at the same time?

Yes, we can test both at the same time.
One-time schedule, one-time out of service completing two annual requirements all at once. Contact us today for more info.

Does OSHA require annual Hose Testing?

In most states, OSHA does require annual testing. But it is a state by state requirement.

Hose, Ladder, Nozzle Testing, Fire Dept
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