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Reduced Liability

Proper testing reduces liability to the department, the firefighters and the community.

Third Party Testing

The use of a third party tester validates the test results and further reduces the departments’ liability.


Upon test completion we compile all the testing data and provide documentation of all hose records. You will receive a Certificate of Completion, hard copy of Summary Reports and a CD of your entire inventory and test results.

Time Savings

Testing requires time that could be used for training, education, inspections or emergency calls. By testing both your fire hose and ground ladders at the same time we can minimize apparatus down time and get your crews back in service quickly.


Proper Tools and Equipment

Safe, efficient and accurate testing requires special tools. We have the tools, equipment and methods that allow us to meet those needs. We have many innovations designed and built by us that make us a leader in the industry.

Reduced Risks from Testing

Firefighters continue to receive injuries or “close calls” from testing. Outsourcing can reduce exposure to back and other serious injuries.
(See the national firefighter near miss reporting system).


NFPA 1962 and NFPA 1932

For Fire Hose and Ground Ladders, these are the two NFPA Standards that define the process for annual testing. Using NHTS trained professionals ensures that these standards are accurately met.

Hose, Ladder, Nozzle Testing, Fire Dept
Hose, Ladder, Nozzle Testing, Fire Dept
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