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National Hose Testing Specialties, Inc. began as a fire hose testing service in January of 1989. The business was started because “hose testing”, although NFPA required, has become ever more difficult to accomplish. Hose testing is an NFPA requirement for fire departments. Many departments often receive minimal  education or training in these areas. Hose Testing and Ground Ladder Testing is labor intensive, time consuming and potentially dangerous.  We designed and built equipment to test fire hose safely and efficiently. Custom proprietary data collection software was created to provide complete and accurate documentation. We are the leader in providing hose testing services. Image and quality of our service has been very important in gaining new business and keeping our current customers. The increased demand for our service has challenged us to look at new ways to provide our quality service. NHTS, Inc. is dedicated to remaining the leader and will continue to work hard for you.

Bob Evans, President - NHTS, Inc.

Bob Evans

Bob Evans is the owner of NHTS, Inc. and started the business in 1989. He designed most of the tools being used in the service which make it productive and safe. Bob is a retired Deputy Chief with over 35 years of service.

Hose Testing, Ladder Testing, Nozzle Testing, Fire Dept
Tom Moore
VP Operations/Western Division Manager

Tom Moore has 24 years in public safety emergency experience in fire and EMS.  In addition, Tom has worked in hazardous material and natural gas pipeline response.  Safety and service are a core value for him, frequently reminding us that fire fighter safety is our main goal.

Hose Testing, Ladder Testing, Nozzle Testing, Fire Dept
Troy Smith
Great Lakes Division Manager

Troy Smith has an extensive background in the Fire Service. His experience includes serving as a Firefighter, a Public Information Officer and providing annual Fire Hose and Ground Ladder testing. Troy has an impeccable regard for safety and service to his customers and his crew. He has been recognized by Homeland Security and FEMA for his outstanding display of both safety and service.

Hose Testing, Ladder Testing, Nozzle Testing, Fire Dept

Anna Ficek
President of Admin. & Finance

Anna Ficek has worked for NHTS over 20 years.  During the early years of NHTS, Anna assisted Bob Evans (her dad), with finding innovative ideas and marketing techniques to grow the company.  Her position and responsibilities in the company have continually grown, while maintaining a good relationship with our customers, providing office support in a variety of areas and making NHTS a great place to work.

Hose Testing, Ladder Testing, Nozzle Testing, Fire Dept
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