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The best choice in Fire Hose Testing and Ground Ladder Testing

What makes NHTS, Inc. unique? NHTS has specially designed equipment, proven methods, custom proprietary data collection software and above all the knowledge and experience. NHTS was created by fire service professionals and has been developed over the years by adding members to the staff who also have experience in the fire service industry. We can truly say that this is a company around safety and accuracy.


NHTS, Inc. invites you to join our family of customers to discover the many advantages and benefits of outsourcing your Fire Hose Testing, Ground Ladder Testing, Aerial TestingStatic Nozzle/Appliance Testing. Pump Testing, and Apparatus P.M.s and Repairs. Many of our professional,  quality products are also now available to the public.


NHTS provides the most thorough testing procedures in the industry. All NHTS testing and reporting is compliant with NFPA 1962 standards. Let NHTS help keep you and your team safe.


Through years of experience and innovation NHTS has developed and is now offering their high quality products to the the public.  Learn more about what NHTS has to offer.


With NHTS you have the benefit  of knowing that our methods, our knowledge and our experience are top-notch and field-proven. The company was created by firefighters to serve firefighters.

National Hose Testing Specialties, Inc.

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